Sunday, May 15, 2011

Things I would miss, IF I was to leave West Chester

You know, it's an early Sunday afternoon.  The spring showers haven't come yet, a mild breeze flows through the open windows of the apartment, the grumble of the more and more frequently appearing Harley-Davidson passes by, and wafting through the newly leaved Oaks and Maples of West Chester is the lilting sounds of Irish Music.  Now it's true, we have an Irish Pub a mere steps from where I live, and occasionally, the sounds coming from there are no less as fine as to what I'm listening to now, but the source of the music in this particular case seems somehow a little bit more pure, and not sullied by the attempts of a money making saloon owner to draw in additional patrons.

Keegan, (age 11, on Whistles) and Alexander, (age 12, on fiddle) are simply playing there hearts out to raise money so they can go to Ireland to compete in a Irish Music competition this summer.  I'm not sure if I can say with any certainty, that at any given moment, somewhere in these great United States, some one, in particular a pair of some ones, more particularly a pair of young men someones, is out on a street corner playing beautiful music, raising money for a trip to represent us in a World wide competition, while at the same time adding to the ambiance and quality of life we enjoy here in West Chester.

I have very serious doubts, that if I were to live anywhere else in the country, say, Jacksonville, Florida for example, I doubt that I could open the windows to my place and hear the dulcet tones of fiddle and flute being expertly played just outside, and it is for that reason, and many many other reasons, that I would seriously miss, like SERIOUSLY miss the people and the place that is the community of West Chester, Pennsylvania.

If you are living outside of easy visiting distance of West Chester, I would highly recommend an evaluation of your life so much so that you might determine if you might be able to move here, I assure you, you wouldn't regret it...Oh, and if you hear them around town, can you throw them a few bucks?


Kristen said...

I think it's a magic spot, and I've moved around more than most (but less than a gyspy).

I think you know my thoughts on your potential move, so I'll just say that I hope those boys get to Ireland.

Mikey said...

This all sounds a bit theoretical.

Coatesville Traditional Irish Music Series said...

Hey, I know these lads! :-)

lymabean said...

Thanks for posting. The boys really enjoyed their afternoon in beautiful West Chester!
If you'd like to hear more, they're playing a fundraiser on Sunday June 5 from 5-8pm at the BBC Tavern & Grill in Greenville, DE (Rte. 52). Come on down & enjoy the tunes plus some great eats!

Aramehabil said...

I'm following you on your blog if you can give back and hugs me then thank