Monday, May 9, 2011

Signs of West Chester

Hola Amigos....Let's just pretend that you're not wondering why I haven't posted a blog in over 2 months, and just get into it already, shall we?
(Boy I'm getting worse than Jim Anchower)
Anyway here we are, well into what is it, May? Crap! The year has moved along at a good clip, ain't it! And I'll be honest, I was kind of boycotting Blogging until the weather got better, but somehow, it managed to snow on April 1st, and we've had lot's of cold and rainy days since then, all the while the trees kicking in on the annual pollen pollution drive, so I've been out of it just trying to get by for a while. (Poor me, right? Yea, right as if I expect any sympathy from you guys...:)

When I finally got some time to walk around town, and the weather somewhat cooperated, I started to notice a lot of signs.  Sure, the signs of spring were finally here, like when the Cherry Blossoms fall onto parked cars along our borough's congested streets, but other signs too.

I suppose there is something about the skate culture that is more than prevalent in West Chester, that says you have to tag things with stickers.  Thank you Bam MargeraShepard Fairy and Banksy for all that then. You know what I mean right?  You've seen stickers on signs all around town right? Like these? 
Don't get me wrong, I really don't have a problem with any of the stickers, it's part of our urban landscape, and heck some of the stuff is downright whimsical, like the ubiquitous STICKMEN in the street, but now there is Yawn Bombing, H/T to John Young for discovering this link.  I wish I knew what some of them meant, I have a hard time grasping the idea that someone took the time and trouble to silk screen some image onto some sticky sided polyvinyl to then post onto some random object in public only to perplex squares like me?

That's the mission patch for STS-95, the return to space of Astronaut John Glenn! I'd like to meet the nerd who put that there!
Of course there will be somethings I won't like, like stickers quoting Che Guevera, boy that's somebody's mug I sure could do less seeing of, but as long as there are clueless college kids with money, there will be his visage thrown into the faces of those of us with Cuban ancestry as a constant reminder of paradise lost. (Let alone of relatives lost to firing squads by his personal hand, but I digress.)

And yet these are not the only signs we see around West Chester on a regular basis.  Why just the other day, a lot of signs were seen at a rally to support education in Pennsylvania on the steps of the County Courthouse.  State Senator Andy Dinniman hosted the rally, with his dog a giant poodle for some reason.  I'm not sure if he couldn't get someone to watch the dog or what kind of image he was trying to convey here. (No, I'm not writing words dripping with sarcasm, why do you ask?)

Now I don't know exactly how one opposes supporting education, that's like being opposed to oxygen.  If there is a hitch to it all of course, it's the ability to afford it in a budget strapped environment.  We can have the most educated populace on the planet, but none of it is worth a hill of beans if we are an economic wasteland because we've defaulted on debt. I get it, really I do.  However amidst the hoopla, once again, there was another example among the signs that were there that seemed to have the sole purpose of vexing me was this one.

Was he being ironic?  Was he being allegoric? Was he being idiotic?  Was he just an asshole, I'll never know, I sure didn't want to find out what ulterior motive, if any, he had.

America, Fuck Yea
Circling the Wagons
Finally I figured it would be an interesting weekend to check out our 1 hour express war protests on the corner of Market and High in front of the Courthouse.  A lot's changed since President Bush left office, in so much that the population density of the protesters shifted from the anti war crowd to the support the troops crowd.  

I knew all along that there were few people on both sides truely commited to their ideals, in so much the anti-war group was really populated with anti-George Bush people, and right on que, when President Obama got elected, they were replaced with anti-Barrack Obama people.  I really respect anybody who really is for peace, but they got to be consistent.  That said, it warms my heart to see someone sending love towards a soldier and hoping for victory on the battlefield, but when the politics get involved, taxes, immigration, and birth certificates, it's such a turnoff.  All that being said, it was a weekend for the pro troops people, who didn't gloat or get any more jingoistic than usual, what with the very satisfying demise of Osama Bin Laden, they stayed on message.  So did the antiwar people believe it or not.  I think the few hard core peaceniks that are left have the honorable conviction of their feelings and are just wanting peace, and who can argue with that? 


Mikey said...

There are still anti war protestors? I thought they all dried up and blew away about 2 1/2 years ago.

I guess that's the advantage of living in an urban wonderland. Here in hicksville, we don't have clever stickers decorating our stopsigns, only bullet holes.

Dr Zibbs said...

Damn it! I wanted to be the first to comment!

Nice post. Love the local pics

Kristen said...

While I did not go to the education rally (boo on me), I believe it was held because governor Corbett cut the WCASD budget $5 million more than the sizable blow they were anticipating.

And I too am intrigued by the yarnbombing. Can't wait to see my first one.

Andrew Rodriguez said...

@Kristen, yea, it's a pretty huge chunk out of the budget he wants to take out of education, I was surprised to learn how much they were talking. We showed up to the rally because after dinner we heard the sounds of a marching band on the steps of the courthouse so we followed it out, it was something out of the Music Man, I expected us to get a pitch for Band Uniforms or Monorails... :) said...

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